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Sign Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy in African American Women
It is highly recommended to note sign of high blood pressure during pregnancy in African American Women. Take note any of the following high blood pressure symptoms:
° Extreme nausea or vomiting
° Ringing in the ears
° Fatigue
° Blurred vision, double vision, or flashing lights in your eyes
° Fever
° Stomach pain
° Rapid weight gain. Again, weight gain during pregnancy is hardly surprising. But if you’re gaining more than five pounds in a week, schedule an appointment with your doctor. It’s possible that you may be developing preeclampsia.
° Severe headaches
° Small urine output
° Blood in your urine
° Vomiting blood
° Dizziness
If you have high blood pressure at any point in your pregnancy, you should consult your physician regularly. Your doctor will check your urine for protein, a sign of preeclampsia. Whether you have preeclampsia or just run-of-the-mill high blood pressure, you will need extra care throughout your pregnancy. Your doctor may prescribe blood pressure medications or bed rest to keep your pressure down. If your pressure is still climbing too high, your doctor may recommend inducing labor or delivering through a cesarean section as soon as your baby is ready.
Your blood pressure will go down after childbirth, if it’s pregnancy-induced hypertension. And because you have high blood pressure in one pregnancy, it doesn’t indicate you will have it with all of your other pregnancies. Hopefully, the rise in blood pressure is only temporary. Learn further about sign of high blood pressure during pregnancy in African American women.

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