Sleep induction. Get rid of sleeplessness, to provide deep rest. Visual and Sound influence.

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Delta is the realm of your unconscious mind, and the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconscious, where information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level.
Some can be in the delta range and in a conscious state. Stimulation of a brain in the delta range allows to get rid of sleeplessness, to provide deep rest. Among many things, deep sleep is important for the healing process – as it’s linked with deep healing and regeneration. Hence, not having enough deep sleep is detrimental to your health.
This video is intended for stimulation of a brain by external visual and sound influence. The main idea of the video consists in that influencing a brain with a certain frequency to change current state of work of a brain. The influence duration demanded for change of a condition of work of a brain depends on features of the person and the current conditions. Some starts affecting in 10 minutes, and some only in half an hour. The brain of man usually resists external influence. Watch it as many times as you need to achieve the desirable result.

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