Suffering With Anxiety? It could be Your Thyroid Part I

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Dr Hagmeyer explains the Connection Between Anxiety and the Thyroid. Many patients we work with experience panic attacks, problems with focus and concentration and Anxiety. At the root cause we often find not only many metabolic imbalances but a mismanaged thyroid problem. You may not need anti anxiety medications, sleeping pills or antidepressants,you may need to optimize your Thyroid function address blood sugar problems and support your brain. If you have been told your thyroid is “normal” but continue to suffer with thyroid like symptoms, you may have a functional thyroid disorder that shows “normal” on testing. In this video, Dr Hagmeyer explains how Functional Medicine can often shed light on such a frustrating and confusing health challenge. You deserve more! visit or call our office at 630-718-0555 for more information.

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