The Eczema Podcast #1: How to Prepare for a Diet Change

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#eczema #eczemacure #eczemadiet – Welcome to my new podcast launch! I’m excited because this is the very 1st episode of The Eczema Podcast. (The video didn’t end up working for this episode – but the video will be back on for Episode #3, so stay tuned!).

On today’s show, I invite Jennifer Roberge, owner of The Eczema Company and blogger at It’s an Itchy Little World. Jennifer has been through many different types of diets with her family for her son’s eczema, and she offers lots of tips and experiences on how to prepare for a diet change (both physically, emotionally and mentally) to help your eczema.

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In this episode, we cover:

-How Jennifer started experimenting with different diets to help her son’s eczema
-The different types of diets that Jennifer (and her family) have tried
-The most effective diet that helped her son’s eczema
-How to prepare for a diet change (both mentally, physically, and emotionally)
-The challenges of doing a diet change
-How you can get your family members on board
-Practical advice for people who want to prepare for a diet change

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