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The thyroid is a common problem in today’s time, especially in pregnant women. Grbavstha time to be serious thyroid problem both you and the baby may be at risk. But is possible to avoid the problem of the thyroid. Let us see what is the problem of the thyroid in pregnancy.

Throat thyroid disease. This hormone imbalance is a major cause of throat disease. Thyroid problems can be controlled, but it is important to treat it right and exercise. In the first three months of pregnancy is thyroid in pregnant women can lead to serious problems. Women who have thyroid problem, they ought to check before pregnancy, but pregnancy should be tested every month too. Doing so may prevent you from taking as many problems Vikral. Reduced drug dose can be increased according to need, so that both mother and baby can be protected from damage. Let us in detail about the problems of the thyroid in pregnancy to know some facts.
· Thyroid significant impacts on digestion. Thyroid disease is 50 per cent less than during the normal digestion. Not only due to the plethora of hormones by the thyroid gland discharged affect digestion, the major health problems as well as during pregnancy can cause a dangerous situation.
· It will not cure the thyroid but the right treatment to get rid of the thyroid is essential, so pregnant women should undergo testing thyroid during pregnancy every month.
· During pregnancy to treat thyroid dose to be given according to need can be raised or reduced. The unborn child should be protected from any harm.
· Typically in the treatment of thyroid medications during pregnancy, but the baby after the birth dose increased according to need it is reduced.

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