Thyroid Treatment | Varicose Veins | Seasonal disease

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Adverse effect of summer season can be diminished by including watermelon daily, as it consists of 0% cholesterol and is able to counter constipation disorder easily, and buttermilk with cumin seeds (jeera) and asafetida (heeng) in lunch and by practicing ‘suryanamaskar’ early in the morning till half an hour. Consume coriander seeds’ boiled water every morning for reducing ill-effects of thyroid such as pain and swelling. Take help of ‘Nari Yog Machine’ to end any kind of severe pain. Start taking ‘Vedic-Amrit’ for developing immunity and energizing your body. Stand on your head against a wall and begin to stretch your legs horizontally one after other for regulating blood supply in your leg veins; warm your legs with the warmth of hot water enriched with salt and alum to reduce swelling in legs; drink hot water in which garlic cloves have been boiled and salaaki juice to cure any kind of pain.

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