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My list of natural approaches to reducing high blood pressure are as follows:

Physical exercise: Exercise has a very positive effect on blood pressure. 30-60 minutes walk in the fresh air daily will help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Learn to handle Stress to avoid high blood pressure. Breathing techniques, meditation, Thi Chi, yoga and massage therapy are beneficial here

Avoid foods that boost insulin levels — Another effective method is to avoid foods that will raise your insulin, such as sugar-type foods and grains

Sunlight Can Lower Your Blood Pressure. Get healthy sun exposure and also optimise vitamin D levels

Normalize weight. Search on the internet for a Body Mass Index(BMI) calculator which is a ratio of your height to weight. Get your score in the healthy 18-25 range.

Omega 3 fish oils: According to several scientific studies fish oils have a significant but modest lowering effect on blood pressure of people with hypertension.

Herbal Medicines

Crataegus monogyn

Used traditionally to treat hypertension and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The berries, flowers and leaves are used. Scientific trials done on an extraction of the berries show that they significantly reduce both Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure after 3 month of use. Studies also show that Crataegus has a strengthening effect on the heart muscle.

Avena sativa

Taken as an ethanol extraction of the straw and the seed or eaten this herb has a beneficial effect. In scientific trials has shown to significantly reduce blood pressure after 6 weeks of treatment. Used traditionally for nervous debility and exhaustion.

Olea europaea

Both oil (from the fruit) and an extract of the leaf have demonstrated blood pressure lowering ability in scientific trials, and long-term dietary intake of Olea europaea is associated with reduced incidence of hypertension. In one clinical trial the leaf extract taken for 3 months resulted in a significant decrease in blood pressure in all patients.

Allium sativum

Several scientific trials showed allium sativum creates an average reduction of 7.7 in the Systolic and 5 in the Diastolic. Though the reduction is small it is significant and in light of the fact that garlic can also reduce blood fats ( cholesterol and Triglycerides ) by up to 17% it is a great medication when treating hypertension.

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