Treatments of Cellulitis and Osteomyelitis

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Some SGL comic relief on the Treatments of Osteomyelitis and Cellulitis. Here’s the script below so you can follow along…

Scene 1

Tara: Hi my name is Tara and I am here today to talk to you about a new hit boy band, “Antibiotics”. With the release of their new album, “Osteomyelitis”, they have taken the world by storm. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to some of their die-hard fans.

Scene 2

Fan #1: After hearing about Osteomyelitis, I had to get my full dose. I became consumed by Antibiotics for 4-6 weeks.

Scene 3

Tara: What do you like most about Antibiotics’ songs?

Fan #2: Their songs have the power to cure anything you might be feeling. Its as if they really understand what I’m going through in life. Antibiotics match perfectly with whatever kind of microbe is affecting me.

Scene 4

Tara: What are your favourite Antibiotics songs from Osteomyelitis?

Fan #4: I love all their songs from “Rifampin is Number one in my heart” to “Our relationship is built on Combination Therapy”. Oh and of course I can’t forget “Double administration with Clindamycin”.

Fan #5: Yes! “Clindamycin” is my favourite. After hearing the album for the first time I could really feel the tenderness and warmth that comes with Osteomyelitis. Afterward I couldn’t get enough! Its as if my doctor had injected “Clindamycin” into my veins for 1-2 weeks.

Scene 5

Tara: Tell me what you think of Antibiotics most popular singles, “Oral Quinolones” and “Linezolid”?

Fan #5: Honestly, I can’t get enough of “Linezolid”. It just really gets into your bones and hits you hard. All my friends who were resistant to other Antibiotics tracks in the past gave in to Linezolid during Osteomyelitis. “Oral Quinolones” is also a great song that really impacts negative individuals and showcases Antibiotics versatility since “Oral Quinolones” is geared toward their adult audience.

Scene 6

Tara: How do you think Antibiotics compares to the rival boy band, Surgery?

Fan #6: Surgery?? Those guys have NOTHING on antibiotics and is just a crummy alternative. Anyone who gets Surgery must have some serious issues with Osteomyelitis. And if they have both, antibiotics and surgery, they must have some extensive damage down to their bones.

Fan #7: What THOSE people need is some Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Fan #6: You mean breathing in pure oxygen?

Fan #7: Yeah, but at least it would help heal the damage in their bones and maybe sort them out right and listen to some real music.

Scene 7

Tara: Have you heard what Antibiotics plan is for the future?

Fan #8: Rumour has it that Antibiotics is coming out with a new album called “Cellulitis”. I managed to get a bootlegged copy of the album and my favourite songs are “Stay hydrated” and “Chillin’ like a Villain with Penicillin”.

Scene 8

Tara: There you have it. Watch out One Direction, because here come Antibiotics.

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