What Cancer, Your Brain and Thyroid Have In Common

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http://naturalhealthsherpa.com/iodine-deficiency-symptoms-food-sources-facts-supplements-uses/521452–Back in the day, we added a specific nutrient to the most frequently eaten food in the country: bread.

That nutrient helped to offset a number of conditions that arose due to its deficiency, namely goiter, depressed immune function, mental retardation, and even headaches.

Good, right?

So why on earth was it taken out and replaced with a different chemical that actually depletes this critical nutrient?

And for goodness sakes, why did we then take it a step further and add a second chemical to the most frequently consumed beverage—water—that also depletes this vital nutrient.

As a result, we now have a rampant, chronic deficiency of this nutrient running through the country… a deficiency that has been linked to so many of today’s diseases, namely the very things it was supposed to protect us against—thyroid health, breast cancer, and brain health.

And the name of this miraculous nutrient? Iodine.

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